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Perhaps no nationality on the face of the earth takes the celebration of La Vida Bella more seriously than the Italians, who wrote the book on good living and wine culture. No one is more responsible for the proliferation of fine wine around the world than the Italians, who in Roman times identified the best sites and planted the most suitable varieties in every corner of the Mediterranean basin.

Birds on a Wire is produced by our winery partners with whom we’ve been working for many years, a well respected domaine with more than 60 years experience in the region. Started by a pair of brothers in the 1950’s, this historic property has produced incredible wines over the years, and subsequent generations of the family carry on the quality tradition to the current day.



This Sangiovese is a stylish, polished wine with cherry, mocha and spice overtones. It is juicy and plump, with cherry, plum and licorice flavors followed by a beam of bright acidity. Medium weight, silky and built for drinking with food, we love Birds on a Wire’s ability to embody the distinct, unique character of Italian Sangiovese.



Pasta with red sauce, chili, polenta with sun-dried tomatoes, mushroom risotto, roasted veal, rotisserie chicken.


Italy is at a historic crossroads, where East meets West, North meets South. All of these outside influences have left their mark on the country’s world-famous cuisine, for which enthusiasts like us travel in droves to experience the food and wine culture. Once arrived, the gastronomic tourist quickly realizes that the celebrated Sangiovese grape is about as Italian as it gets, with an origin dating back to Roman times. The best Sangiovese based wines are grown in the hilly regions to the north of the country, where knowledge and tradition courses through the blood of the local winegrowers.

This stylish Italian red is made in the classic tradition – with a long, gentle fermentation that extracts the grape's singular floral bouquet, red fruit character and brisk, food friendly acidity. We selected Birds on a Wire Sangiovese for its ability to celebrate Italy’s gifts without leaving the comfort of our homes - break out the ham, cheese and olives and you're there.

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