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Portugal is a country small in size, but big into wine quality. This spicy red blend is sourced from vineyards within a stone’s throw of the country’s rugged coastline, and makes a wonderful contrast to the heavy, heady wines grown in the sweltering inland valleys.

This red blend has a distinctly Portuguese personality.  The Aragones (aka Tempranillo) grape provides a dark color and aromatic lift. Castelao, the most cultivated red variety in Portugal is prized for the feminine, elegant wines it produces as well as its ability to retain vital acidity. We love this Portuguese red and its ability to offer you a taste of this unique place and it’s long tradition of fine wine production.



Blending wines is an art form - one that the Portuguese have mastered after thousands of years of honing their craft. Céu do Norte is a wine of true soul and character, a unique blend of Portuguese red varieties with savory dark fruit at its core and roasted coffee notes on the finish.



Duck confit, poached salmon, mushroom ravioli, seared tuna, savory onion tart, nutty cow’s cheese.


Céu do Norte aims to capture the spirit of this proud, hard working region with a bold, assertive flavor profile and generous disposition. The Castelão grape, whose name is derived for the Portuguese word for “parakeet”, is correspondingly loud yet also a great companion, showing up in many of the region’s blends and providing an exuberant fruitiness to the wines. Aragonês provides a more serious balance to  Castelão’s fresh and fruity side, providing a dark color and structural framework to the blend.

Overall the impression of Céu do Norte is a surprisingly fragrant, dark fruited wine with good focus and concentration and extraordinary fruit intensity. From the heartland of this seaside region of Portugal, Céu do Norte offers you a taste of Portugal, it’s past, and it’s current status as oenological hotspot. Wines like Céu do Norte are considered the jewels of the entire region, a treasured resource and revered symbol of local pride.

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