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Crush is a red blend that is unmistakably Portuguese, yet comfortingly familiar as well. Crush is made under the watchful eye of a talented consulting enologist with whom we’ve been working for a number of years and on multiple different projects, which gives us the flexibility to customize the blend every year.


From the heartland of Portugal, Crush offers you a taste of this unique place and it’s tradition of fine wine production. Mostly made from indigenous Portuguese grape varieties, Crush reflects our personal relationship with an incredibly skilled winemaker based on trust, common goals and shared vinous tastes.



Crush red blend is a brooding, masculine wine that pours a deep ruby red color with a purple hue. There is a hefty, chewy edge to the blackberry jam, dark plum, peppery bacon and black olive flavors. Finishes with waves of dark fruit, black pepper, spice and smoke



Pepperoni pizza, BBQ spareribs, roasted meats, spicy cold cuts, Roquefort cheese, charcoal grilled vegetables.


Portugal is an incredibly diverse country in terms of wine growing, despite its small size. For Crush, we’ve chosen vineyards in the steep canyons and fertile valleys of the country’s interior, which give it a concentration and depth of flavor that punches well above its weight class. This is a beautiful landscape, a place of rolling hills, herbal chaparral, olive trees and, of course, vineyards.


The Portuguese are an incredibly proud people, acutely aware of their cultural identity and their historical impact on world affairs. It is from these harbors on the shore of the Iberian Peninsula that explorers set sail in a quest that eventually opened up access to previously undiscovered lands, paving the way for new trade routes and the importation of new ideas and modes of thinking. These influences and their integration and evolution are reflected in today’s exciting, trendsetting Portuguese wines, of which Crush is a worthy example.

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