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We at Flying Blue Imports are obsessed with Macabeo - shockingly under discovered and incredibly underrated despite its role as the backbone of many great Cavas and illustrious white Riojas. Our winery partners have been operating continuously at the same location since 1954, bottling wines at the estate since 1969 – among the first in all of Spain. Then and today, they have been among the first to adopt new ideas and technology, and El Campeón is a great example of Spain’s quality revolution.

Our Spanish Macabeo was one of the most popular selections in last year’s calendar, and we’re not surprised. It’s incredible how a white wine can reach these rarified heights of fruitiness, explosive floral aromatics, sultry mouthfeel! This complex, sophisticated Macabeo displays just how well this relatively unknown variety is adapted to Spain’s arid Terroir, and with each sip El Campeón invites you to step out of your vinous comfort zone.



El Campeón Macabeo is incredibly floral on the nose, evoking a summertime garden resplendent with jasmine and verbena. The floral theme is repeated in the mouth, joined by notes of apple, melon and almond. The lively mid-palate sails through to a long, bright finish in this gorgeous, elegant Spanish white.



White meat - especially pork and veal - Dim Sum, many soft cheeses, Ceviche, spicy Southeast Asian cuisine, boiled crab.


In the nutrient-poor, sandy clay soils of the high plains of La Mancha, Macabeo is highly prized for its ability to retain aromatic lift and freshness in a wine that might otherwise feel dull and heavy due to the warm, arid climate in which it originates. An ancient land with a deep, broad cultural history, Castilla La Mancha is most famous for its wine, Manchego cheese, and most renowned resident, Don Quixote.

Spain as a country has undergone a recent rebirth, throwing off the unfortunate legacy of its turbulent past and reemerging as an international leader in the fields of style and taste.  And as the world increasingly turns to white wine to pair with a simpler, healthier diet, Macabeo is there to meet the need. Today, La Mancha whites are fresh, fruity, and food friendly, with the qualitative arrow definitely pointing up.

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