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Portugal’s coastal vineyards are situated on a long, thin strip extending along the Atlantic Coast. No surprise, then, that wind is an ever-present reality in the area vineyards. You’ll see a pattern emerging with many of our white wine selections for the Calendar – places that rely on certain unique geographical aspects, often wind, to cool down vineyards that would otherwise produce heavy, boring wines as a result of too much heat exposure.

The Fernão Pires variety, indigenous to Portugal, is found nowhere else in the country, as it absolutely needs this maritime exposure to produce the style of wine that the locals love to eat with their seafood – zesty and bright, with a distinct salinity. So grab your sunscreen and parasol and kick back with a glass of this uniquely Portuguese white wine.



Flores de Verão Fernão Pires delivers ripe stone fruit and tropical fruit aromas, along with a hint of spice.  On the palate, this captivating Portuguese white features Fuji apple, yellow pear and anise notes, with every sip amplifying the enjoyment of both food and wine.



Mandarin chicken salad, grilled scallops with a squeeze of citrus, sushi, pork dumplings, spring pea salad, fresh figs with blue cheese and prosciutto.


Coastal Portugal is a land of contrasts - some of the best, most modern surfing beaches in Europe are situated within view of vineyards with some of the longest tradition of fine winegrowing in the entire country. While not yet known by name, the flavors of the local wines are unmistakably Portuguese yet very accessible, speaking to the salty air, warm ocean breezes and the freshest of seafoods, all in local abundance.

Portugal itself has a strong cultural identity and inner unity, owing to its outsized history of influence on global affairs and privileged location to the west of the Iberian Peninsula. Portugal is perhaps best known historically for its explorers who helped fill in the blanks on the world’s maps. This spirit of exploration and innovation remains in the bloodlines of the Portuguese people to this day, and reflected in the unique character of Flores de Verão.

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