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The hills of Northeastern Italy are folded into each other in a geologic morass of ridges and river valleys. From this cacophony, shapes emerge – those of neatly arranged vineyard rows, splaying over ridge tops in carefully constructed terraces. Here, at the apogee of its production, you find the most revered Italian Pinot Grigios being grown. You can taste the excitement, the heritage, the breed in every bottle of Hello Summer

The new Delle Venezie DOC imposes strict guidelines on quality – maximum yields in the vineyard, strict controls on winemaking methodology to ensure only the best techniques are employed and tasting of the finished wines by an independent panel before they are allowed the use of the appellated name.  The goal is for the new appellation to guarantee the quality of the Pinot Grigio wines that are so important to the livelihood of the region. Hello Summer Pinot Grigio is a result of this quality revolution.



Hello Summer Pinot Grigio is an elegant, bright and sophisticated white wine, with a yellow peach, grapefruit and mineral core. The finish is laser-focused and detailed, making Hello Summer a perfect match for a wide variety of cuisine.



Seafood-based antipasti, fritto misto, chicken in cream sauce, creamy vegetable soup, mussels in a butter sauce.


This wine comes from the Veneto region of Italy, where sunshine and soil come together.  Pinot Grigio captures the spirit of this ancient land, where merchant mariners constructed palaces on the water and achieved architectural wonders in a show of theretofore thought impossible engineering feats. So is Pinot Grigio planted on slopes that seem inhospitable for agriculture, or trained in a pergola fashion that stretches the mind to think how anybody could have conceived such a venture.


In this part of Italy, “tradition” is more than a word. It is a guiding principle that is omnipresent in the lives of the residents, as they live surrounded by the unbelievable accomplishments of their forefathers. From the palaces of Venice to the chalets of the Alps, those that call this region home are constantly reminded of their glorious heritage and patrimony. As such this spirit of innovation, of challenging the limits of possibility continues to this day, whether in the pursuit of faster cars, limitless gastronomy, or profoundly delicious wine. Our Italian Pinot Grigio is always pushing the boundaries of what is possible in viticulture and winemaking, and the ceiling is lifted with every successive vintage.

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