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We customize this blend ourselves, with some very particular stylistic goals in the finished wine - aromatic intensity, exotic fruit flavors, guzzle-friendly. It’s this last part that is the most important, what we call the drinkability factor. The key is the vibrant acidity that keeps our French Sauvignon Blanc feel alive, energetic and humming with energy. Pique-Nique is very easy to drink (or guzzle).

The world of wine is getting smaller - never before has such an incredible diversity and quality of fine wine been available to more people, at affordable prices. Pique-Nique aims to celebrate these global connections that we make with each other every time we open a bottle. As you pour your glass and smell the bouquet that leaps from the glass, keep this in mind – the distances between us become smaller sip by sip.



Pique-Nique grabs your attention with a heady, intoxicating nose – our tasting notes read “could smell this forever."  Our French Sauvignon Blanc is scintillatingly bright and super fresh, with an abundance of melon, lemon lime and herbs on the palate. This will put a smile on the face of even the most curmudgeonly wine connoisseurs.



Tangy goat cheeses, Italian style antipasti, smoked salmon, sushi, bruschetta, shrimp in a mild garlic sauce.


Southwest France is a white wine powerhouse. The region is idyllic in every way – a charming landscape with vibrant orchards, thriving farms, and friendly people. Protected from harsh weather by the Pyrenees Mountains to the south, the grapes enjoy a calm climate that results in a wine that is fully ripe yet balanced and very even year to year. Sauvignon Blanc wines are an essential part of daily life in Southwest France – critical to the region’s gastronomic and cultural heritage. There’s another very important reason as well – simply put, they kick ass!

Blessed with this temperate climate, a long growing season and cooling by Atlantic breezes, Pique-Nique Sauvignon Blanc vineyards offer a taste of the good life at a price everybody can afford. The keys to Pique-Nique’s ability to punch above its price point is its terroir - well draining, rocky soils; abundant, replenishing winter rains; and resplendent, generous summer sunshine. Sauvignon Blanc wines are an essential part of life in Southwest France, we invite you to make Pique-Nique a part of yours as well.

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