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Living in Spain with its hot, sunny summers requires spending time outside, hopefully alongside a table spread with the country’s culinary specialty – tapas – bite size morsels of various tasty treats, from sea to land. It’s no fluke that our Spanish Chardonnay is crafted to pair perfectly with a wide variety of cuisine!  Reflective Wings is a rich, delicious, fruit-forward treat from the land of the setting sun.

Chardonnay is a relative newcomer to the limestone hills in the interior of Spain, and, perhaps unsurprisingly, due to its old world Terroir and culture yet with a new world climate, Spanish Chardonnay has managed to express both sides of the Chardonnay spectrum. Reflective Wings showcases the best of both worlds, from it’s vanilla spice and rounded mouthfeel, to its orchard fruit profile and generosity of flavor.



Reflective Wings delivers ripe tropical fruit aromas, along with a hint of fresh flowers and a whiff of butter.  On the palate, our Spanish chardonnay features yellow apple, melon and vanilla notes, with every sip amplifying the enjoyment of both food and wine.



Tapas (obviously), lobster, olives and hard cheeses, margarita pizza, salty snacks like potato chips and popcorn.


The beginning of grape growing in Spain goes back so far in time that its specific origins are forgotten in the mists of ancient history. Reflective Wings is grown in some of the best locations in Spain for Chardonnay - the limestone hills in the interior of the country, at high-enough elevation to profit from a cooler climate than the hot, arid valleys below.

There is something that connects all corners of Spain, despite a huge diversity of landscape, climate and culture. It is the Latin zest for life, an appreciation of time shared among friends - especially at the table. Wine is a fixture of every Spanish meal, and our Chardonnay is made to be correspondingly flavorful and assertive. Reflective Wings is built to be the perfect pairing for any meal and every setting, so you can spend less time choosing and more time enjoying. Salud!

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