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Sovereign Virtue Rosé invites you to take a day off, kick back and relax with this refined-yet-generous, complex yet gluggable pink that’s enjoyable year round. Both connoisseur and wine newbie alike will be seduced by this worthy rendition of a timeless style of winemaking, fresh and fun, bright and clean. Vibrant fruit on the palate and tropical notes on the finish mark this this succulent, evocative wine.

The vineyards of northern Italy are perfectly situated to produce fresh, medium bodied, fruity Rosés, and while they are not yet commonplace, production is steadily on the rise. Night or day, with food or without, we’re constantly craving Rosé, and this one scratches our itch – born in a magical country where wine is a fixture at every table. Open, pour, and relax with a glass of Sovereign Virtue, an Italian rosé wine resplendent with red fruit notes, floral aromas and a bright, zippy finish that will leave you craving another sip.



Aromas of strawberry and fresh cut roses are mingled with notes of ripe cherry, crushed berry and fresh herbs that caress the palate in this delectable pink wine. Sovereign Virtue Rosé features a juicy entry and luscious mid-palate, which are balanced by a hint of nice acidity in the finish.



Shellfish, simple grilled fish, tangy goat cheese, strawberries, sweet potato purée, avocado toast.


Admittedly, Rosé wine has never been a big part of Italy’s wine heritage, but the pink wine trend has caught on quickly throughout the entire peninsula. Today, there are stellar offerings, and the best – like this beautiful blend of Sangiovese and Merlot – are fruity, bright, fresh and vibrant. Sangiovese is well known for the pure, macerated cherry notes it brings to red wines, and that same flavor profile is awarded to this Italian pink. Merlot, on the other hand, is a relative newcomer to Italy, and donates a beautiful dark pink hue and structure to this Rosé.

Sovereign Virtue Rosé reflects these noble origins with its hyper-vivid fruit character and nervy, energetic core of brisk acidity. As Italy is a country like no other, so is this unique pink wine an incomparable treat. You know we love to bring something new and exciting to the calendar every year, and in particular, to change preconceptions – like, for instance, Italy’s ability to produce great Rosé.

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