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Sweet Red urges you to leave your comfort zone, to look beyond the everyday supermarket red wine options and try something new. Blast off with this plump, juicy red from the red wine powerhouse that is Italy. Remember, fortune favors the bold and a journey starts with the first step…as such, the bold, exciting flavors of this Italian gem await the intrepid vinous explorer with the first sip of Sweet Red.

Italy is, after all, the land of romance, fast cars, tasty cuisine and great wine. Sweet Red is a luscious, succulent, easy drinking blend - the type you'd in any Trattoria, from Piedmont to Puglia. As you while away the hours watching the sun set on the Piazza, grab a glass and Saluti!



The aromas and flavors of Sweet Red range from dark fruits to kitchen spices, with a succulent, juicy undercurrent. Amazingly easy to drink, the palate is ripe with fresh red cherries, blackberry jam, licorice and vanilla notes. Silky smooth and satin-textured, this Italian quaffer finishes on a lingering, chocolatey note that lingers nicely.



Roast beef, duck in a cherry sauce, Gorgonzola cheese, lasagna, sautéed mushrooms, butternut squash with kale.


Italy is an ancient place where old world meets new, and this juicy red blend takes vinous inspiration from both. The old world influence gives a robust, savory character, while the new world provides fruity punch and a velvety texture to this silky, complex Italian blend. Finding the perfect balance between too heavy and too light, too rich and too thin, Sweet Red is a wine of personality and character, just like the Italian hillsides where it is grown.

A sunny peninsula projecting into the Mediterranean, refreshing sea breezes, picturesque vineyards producing world-class grapes...can you taste it already? Sweet Red is a child of this magical place, where the vineyards are tended with utmost care, wine is a daily beverage and every bottle is full of inimitable Italian charm.

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